Use SRS and CPF to reduce Income Tax

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Year 2019 is coming to an end and in this article we will like to look into ways to reduce income tax. This is a happy problem to have which means that you are drawing a high salary. Do note that the total amount of personal reliefs an individual can claim is up to S$80,000 Read More

Review on 2019

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FinancialI have updated my review on Total Passive Income/ Total Expenses Ratio in the JC Financial Freedom Fund Report Card. You can read about it here. In summary, the Total Passive Income/ Total Expenses Ratio is decreasing from 90% in 2018 to 58% in 2019. CareerCareer wise has grind to a standstill on 10th September Read More

Financial Planning for Millennial

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Researchers use the early 1980 as starting birth years to early 2000s as ending birth years to define as millennial. The millennial is facing the fourth industrial revolution where we need to embrace artificial intelligence, IoT, fusion of technologies, robotics and 3D printing. A recent research by OCBC bank states that in Singapore 42% of Read More

JC Option Fund 03/12/2019

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I did a 10 Sell Put RDS.B @ 55 expire 17 Jan 2020 for 0.79. This means I sold 10 options for Royal Dutch Shell at $55 which will expire on 17th Jan 2020 for $0.79. 10 options = 1000 x 0.79 = USD 790 option money into JC Fund. This is not a recommendation Read More

Modern Slavery

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My mentor shared this theory with me years ago and recently I read the this theory from this book “Journey to Financial Freedom”, the author owns the website here. The world used to practice slavery several hundred years where masters own slaves, they control them, they enjoyed the fruits of production from their slaves. The Read More


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It is coming close to end of November and we will move into a new decade. How many more decades do we have? Looking out from my window this evening, I decided to take stock of my life. I was the salaryman who was promised that after study hard, go to a good university, get Read More

Insurance Coverage

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Medical cost expenditure is increasing year on year according to Ministry of Health, cost of medical expenses index has increased from 2016 101.0 to 105.6, annual household medical expenses has increased from 2012/2013 4.5% to 2017/2018 5.5%. Hospital & Surgical Plan To avoid a situation of incurring out of pocket huge medical expenses, you should Read More

Sell One HDB and Buy Two Condos

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“Sell one HDB unit (Public Housing in Singapore), Buy Two Condos” is the sales pitch of many property agents and it has raised the concern with the market watchers as there are potential risk in these challenging times. The proposition is to sell your HDB flat and use the proceeds to pay for the down Read More

Updates on JC Fund 17112019

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Recently, I am trying to stretch myself in a few directions and it has not been easy, coupled with a few weeks of downtime due to coughing and travel to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur on a back to back trip. Equities I sold off Synchrony Financial (SYF:NYSE) from the portfolio, my rationale is credit Read More

FOMO in Singapore’s Private Properties

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Prices of private residential properties rose 1.5 percent quarter-on-quarter to hit a five year high. This new high was achieved despite new cooling measures in July 2018 which cause property prices to be subdued for two quarters and inventory of unsold private properties are increasing. In this article, we look into why private properties prices Read More