Sell One HDB and Buy Two Condos

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“Sell one HDB unit (Public Housing in Singapore), Buy Two Condos” is the sales pitch of many property agents and it has raised the concern with the market watchers as there are potential risk in these challenging times. The proposition is to sell your HDB flat and use the proceeds to pay for the down Read More

Updates on JC Fund 17112019

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Recently, I am trying to stretch myself in a few directions and it has not been easy, coupled with a few weeks of downtime due to coughing and travel to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur on a back to back trip. Equities I sold off Synchrony Financial (SYF:NYSE) from the portfolio, my rationale is credit Read More

FOMO in Singapore’s Private Properties

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Prices of private residential properties rose 1.5 percent quarter-on-quarter to hit a five year high. This new high was achieved despite new cooling measures in July 2018 which cause property prices to be subdued for two quarters and inventory of unsold private properties are increasing. In this article, we look into why private properties prices Read More

How Should A Financial Adviser Manage His Own Money?

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In respond to Kyith’s article “How should freelancers manage their money?”, you can read it here, using content from his article, I would like to document how I am going to manage my own money. There are many different type of freelancer or gig economy which does not have a basic salary and there is Read More

A brief look at 0868.HK Xinyi Glass

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Xinyi Glass Holdings is a specialist which produce float glass, automobile glass and construction class. Its customers includes large international automobile corporations such as Ford, General Motors and Volkswagen. The short selling report has argued Xinyi Glass has not remitted cash from China to Hong Kong for payment of dividends and financed by Hong Kong Read More

Inner Game of Financial Adviser

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A month has passed since I started this business, it has been a steep learning curve and I will not say that it is a smooth sailing journey. I am counting my blessing along the way, I have successfully sold insurance products to a few warm and cold leads in the first month. It is Read More

Financial Gym 28 Sep 19

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I attended the Financial Gym hosted by Cashflow Mastery Program on the 28th September 2019. This article came in late as I was busy last week, I attended New Advisers Training at my present Independent Financial Advisory firm. Why is this program called Financial Gym? It is a monthly mastermind group gathering where graduates from Read More

Comparison of Network Marketing Companies’ Financial Results

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Network Marketing companies are different from traditional business because they bypass the intermediate companies for distribution and marketing and sell the goods or products directly to consumers. Through referral or word of mouth, the consumers will sell to others and make a commission out of this. The consumers can recruit others to form a network Read More

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Insurance is an important component of wealth management. It involves using a small sum of money to pass your risk to the insurance companies. However, a lot people tend to emphasize on investment and savings, ignoring the importance of insurance. If there is insufficient insurance coverage, an unfortunate event can wipe out your net worth, Read More

Why I choose Financial Advisory Business

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Start of Financial Advisory Business This article is not meant for self promotion. I just want to share this article so that maybe years later when I look back I will understand why I am in the financial planning industry. I cannot share what was discussed during the meeting. This is the first meeting which Read More