12/1/2017 investment journey

Recently I switched out all my Prada shares to acquire more shares of another great company. Then these few days, Prada share price went from $27 to $31.25! This means I didn’t get to make another SGD 5k. It will not stop there and tomorrow will rise further. 

I sold my GLP shares at SGD 2.47 and news of potential sales are out in the market, it dash all the way to SGD 2.62. I think it is not going to stop there and the bidding war will start. GLP will most likely challenge SGD 2.8 and subsequently SGD 3.

I think I cannot sell any more shares because whenever I sell them, they will rise in price. Strategy is to hold and keep them forever. In Singapore, I have another 3 more counters which I will like to acquire, ST Eng, SATS and Singpost.

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