15/1/2018 – First Day of Liberation

I woke up at 7.30 am. I brought my son to the doctors in the morning, had lunch at about 11.30 am. Then I went to study for my M6A exam. 

I save 1.5 hours to travel to my previous work place. I save another 1.5 hours to travel back to home. In total, I save 3 hours commuting to work. I have worked in the Eastern side of Singapore since 2009. Assuming all the time I was in Singapore and I used public transportation for calculation purpose.

9 years -> 22 days/ month x 12 months x 9 years =  2,376 days
2,376 days x 3 hours = 7,128 hours on commuting which is equivalent close to 1 year. 
I have spent numerous hours waiting at the airport, transiting, traveling on taxi, stuck in traffic jams.

1) I get to save time on commuting and create 3 more hours to spend time with my love ones, pursue my interest, read more books and financial reports.

2) I feel a strong sense of urgency to make money and motivated. An urgency to make money. I am self-employed, what I make everyday will determine the pay cheque at the end of the month. If I am a business owner, my daily revenue will determine the month end revenue. This is different compared to when I was working for someone, I always feel end of the month comes very slowly and always wonder when the pay cheque will come. However, I feel that now everyday passes very fast.

3) I feel that my brain starts to work. I start to think of all the possible ways to make things possible. 

This afternoon, I continue to buy more HK stocks. Recently, I went on a buying spree, rebalance some of the stocks which I have held for 2-3 years. 

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