A temporary situation

From the movie Sing, Meena said, “I would, I just get so scared.” Mr Moon replied her,”You know how to get over right? Do what you love then you’ll be great, cause you won’t be afraid anymore because you’ll actually be doing it, right? Don’t let fear stop you from doing the thing you love.” You know the problem with hitting rock bottom, there is only one way and that’s up.

First, allow me to share a story I found online.

He is the founder of a listed company who is filthy rich. One day, he decided to take a bus to appreciate the lives of normal people. He boarded a bus and took a seat beside the window. He is curious about the people around him on the bus, there was a pregnant lady standing right in front of him and an old woman sat behind him. Everyone squeezed in the bus and surprisingly looking very happy.

Suddenly he heard a sharp remark. “Get up from the seat, do you still considered yourself a gentleman? There is a pregnant lady here who needs this seat!” The rich man saw that the voice came from an ugly-looking girl who continued her rattle, ” Yes you, I am referring to you.” Soon everyone on the bus was looking at him, he felt very embarrassed. He immediately got up from his seat and gave it up to the pregnant lady. At the next stop, he alighted. Before he got off, he stared at the ugly girl with a loathsome look.

The girl came to his company for an interview, he decided to teach her a lesson. He joined in as part of the interview panel. The girl immediately recognised the man and she was worried. She was feeling cold sweat running down her forehead. The founder told her,” Help the five of us to polish our shoes and you will be hired.”

She stood there and paused for a long while.

The situation back at home is turning desperate and she needs to put food on the table. She needed this job. She is highly educated and equipped with the right skill set. However, due to her looks, there were a lot of companies which turn her down.

She just needs to let down her ego and the job will be hers. How can she trade her ego for the job?

The founder was thinking that she will never agree to this. 

Never did he expect that she agreed to do it.

She came back with shoe brushes, kneel down and began to clean the shoes of the interviewers. The founder was thinking,” Is that all you got? In the end, you still need to succumb to this…” Realisation starts to hit him, he felt that he has gone overboard. Although the girl had humiliated him, her intention was good. He asked his subordinate to pass him the candidate profile of this girl, it is apparent that she is very outstanding from all aspects. He is a man of words and he hired her on the spot. 

She did not express any excitement upon hearing the news. She just smiled and said,” Thank you.” Then she told the founder, “I have cleaned 5 pairs of shoes, each pair cost $2, please pay me $10 now. I need to be paid this first before I can turn up for work.” He did not expect this and took out a note. The girl passed this note to an old woman who is cleaning the street. The founder saw this scene from afar and started to respect her.

Although the girl was been insulted and put in a difficult situation, she was able to get out of the situation gracefully.

The girl was outstanding and she excelled at work. The founder spoke to her, “Back then, when I put you in the difficult situation, what’s on your mind?” 

She replied, “When I kneeled down, I just want an opportunity to lift my head high up.”

When you are in a similar situation which you need to kneel down humbly, it does not mean that you lose your dignity forever. It is a temporary situation, the lower you bend and the higher you will bounce back.

This story serves to remind me how I was humiliated today. 

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