Aftermath of Financial Bloodbath

JC Project Freedom MPLX option trade

With the recent financial bloodbath, the US market shed around 10% within 3 consecutive days. The Nikkei 225 Index Fund dropped from 23551 to 21142 and KOPSI shed from 2114 to 1987 within last 5 days.

I was holding on to 2 companies which dropped more 20% in the last week. It has been an emotion roller coaster ride for me to see RDS.B share price dropped from USD 55 to USD 42 and close up at USD 45 on Friday night. MPLX is as dramatic as RDS.B, it dropped from USD 25 to USD 18 before closing at USD 20 on Friday night. I cursed that I should have bought in to lower the cost on Friday night. On hindsight, everything is always perfect.

What’s next? I need to take a bet on RDS.B’s red flags – climate changes, up and rising alternative energies and low reserves replacement ratio. RDS is not the best in oil major, the greatest oil company is Saudi Aramco, their cost of production is the lowest of them all.

Spoke to my bestie recently, he has a passive income of SGD 10k+/month through placing his funds with SME loans (24% p.a.) and Forex (5 p.a.). He can deploy his passive income to invest in business like a small scale angel investor. He is a very smart business man. He reminded me that we do not need a lot money to be happy. This set me thinking.

I am leaving my family in Singapore to work in Kuala Lumpur (they are paying me MYR 500+k per annum, you may find it a lot or little, does not matter, I bite on the offer), missing out most of my child’s childhood. Is it worth it? What brings me the greatest joy? It is to bring my child to the playground at 6 pm everyday and to wake every morning beside your spouse. I strongly believe in spending time with family is the most meaningful thing. All I want to say to my family may be found in Eminem’s Mockingbird, I just want to give you a better life but I won’t be there around you.

Just want to share my struggle on this journey towards financial freedom. You may feel that these are not an issue and I am making a mountain out of a molehill.

Eminem – Mockingbird

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