An Unfortunate Event

JC Project Freedom Unfortunate Event

This post is not about financial freedom or finance related stuff. I just want to record a very unfortunate event that happened to me on the 5th March 2019. I was walking out for lunch when I realized that I lost my sole at the food center. Shit, I have a meeting in the afternoon with one of the vessel owners. I will look funny walking without one of the soles. I thought to myself I would walk the same route back to retrieve it later after lunch. Happily, after a meal, I walked across the two way traffic road and saw my lost sole on the road! With no incoming traffic so I quickly dash down the slope to recover the sole.

I underestimated the purpose of the sole, it is to provide friction. My left shoe without the sole was too slippery, I slipped and fell. Thank God, my whole body weight was able to land on my left foot, cushioning the impact. If not, I will hurt my back or tail bone. I recovered myself, picked up the sole and limped to the side of the road. I saw a long wooden rod and used it to support me, limping ten minutes back to office.

I traveled to the vessel owner building to attend a meeting at Ya Kun instead of going up. I told my counterpart that I could not walk due to the fall. After a good meeting, I went to see a doctor and was referred to A&E. This was the first experience I had using a wheelchair and it was not easy to control the wheels at first. After a while, I got the hang of it but it was very tiring.

After action review, I have being wearing this pair of brown shoes for at least 3 – 4 years. I had repaired this pair of shoes once using industrial glue. I should not save on cheap things, penny wise pound foolish. I have been very frugal already. I should treat the body which is the temple with respect and treasure it more as I aged.

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