Create Unfair Advantage

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This article is with continuation from the learning from the book “How to be a Capitalist without Capital” (you can read previous post here). Unfair does not mean dishonest. The specific persuasion method is to sell based on fear. When we fear something, we will do anything to fix the fear. Don’t try to persuade Read More


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It is coming close to end of November and we will move into a new decade. How many more decades do we have? Looking out from my window this evening, I decided to take stock of my life. I was the salaryman who was promised that after study hard, go to a good university, get Read More

Inner Game of Financial Adviser

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A month has passed since I started this business, it has been a steep learning curve and I will not say that it is a smooth sailing journey. I am counting my blessing along the way, I have successfully sold insurance products to a few warm and cold leads in the first month. It is Read More

Activity Based Selling

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I started my business on the 11th September 2019. The first day is about sorting out the administrative stuff such as USER ID and log in password for various insurance companies. This morning I started the training for new financial advisers, we need to start an activity based selling process called SalesBuilder. In this article, Read More

10 Tips to Start Business without Money

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We always hear our friends mention,” Starting a business requires a lot money and where to get the funds?” In my previous posts, I have mentioned that we need to have multiple sources of income, we need to increase our income in order to have surplus to invest for our retirement. We always complain our Read More

Revenue Models

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A revenue model is how a business makes money. Customers pay for a solution to a problem. In a revenue model, as a business owner you are going to decide how you charge your products, solutions and services. The exchange of your products or solutions will be a revenue stream which will sustain the business. Read More

Entrepreneurship in 3 countries

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Right across the straits of Singapore, there are more people who prefer to start their own business, especially the Chinese. They forgo a stable salary to take on the path of entrepreneurship. For some families, one of the spouse will continue to work and the other will start a business, this will provide with a Read More

Run a home based business

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The decision to start a home-based business – to begin a new business within walkig distance of your kitchen! – will be your second decision as a new entrepreneur. Your first decision will already have been made: The decision to become an entrepreneur and enter the fast growing world of the self-employed. It is a Read More