JC Project Freedom Savings Rate

Savings Rate

September 20, 2020 JCprojectfreedom 0

Updated on 26th September 2020 The saving rate is measured by the ratio of Total Income minus Expenses over Total Income.Saving Rate = (Total Income […]

JC Project Freedom Investing During COVID19

FIRE Thrashed

April 4, 2020 JCprojectfreedom 1

FIRE movement stands for “Financial Independence, Retire Early”. The FIRE movement was born during the stock market bull run when professionals in their 30s and […]

JC Financial Freedom Exit Rat Race achieve Financial Independence

How to Exit Rat Race

October 6, 2018 JCprojectfreedom 2

More Singaporeans will attest life-long employment is an archaic concept in this highly competitive and fast changing world, technology is disrupting almost every industries. Job […]

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Early Retirement

September 19, 2018 JCprojectfreedom 0

I read Kyith’s post which clearly summarize all the important factors on some of the negativity of early retirement. In The New York Times’ article “How […]