Insurance Coverage

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Medical cost expenditure is increasing year on year according to Ministry of Health, cost of medical expenses index has increased from 2016 101.0 to 105.6, annual household medical expenses has increased from 2012/2013 4.5% to 2017/2018 5.5%. Hospital & Surgical Plan To avoid a situation of incurring out of pocket huge medical expenses, you should Read More

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Insurance is an important component of wealth management. It involves using a small sum of money to pass your risk to the insurance companies. However, a lot people tend to emphasize on investment and savings, ignoring the importance of insurance. If there is insufficient insurance coverage, an unfortunate event can wipe out your net worth, Read More

CareShield Life

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In the previous article (read here), we have mentioned about ElderShield which are provided for 40 years old and above to protect them from severe disability. Those who does not wish to be covered, can choose to opt out. From 2020, our government will introduce CareShield Life which will replace the ElderShield plan. What if Read More


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Eldershield is a severe disability insurance that provides basic long term care and basic financial protection. It provides payout up to maximum 72 months. CPF members with Medisave account will automatically be enrolled under the Eldershield program at the age 40. There is no requirement for medical assessment. They are mainly three private insurers appointed Read More

Investment Link Policy

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I remember after graduation, I supported my university friend who joined Prudential to buy my first policy. I believe (in the best of people) that at that time he does not have sufficient financial knowledge to understand the potential pitfalls in some of the policies and that’s the reason why he sold me those policies, Read More

Financial Planning for Different Life Stages

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Financial planning changes for different life’s milestones as goals and priorities will evolve as we age. Hence, it is important to regularly review your financial plans and take actions to adjust accordingly. Aged 20 to 30 You have just started working and enjoy the taste of freedom of having your first credit card. It is Read More

Insurance for Newborn

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I brought my child to pediatrician on Saturday because of fever, cough and running nose. I saw two young parents with a 2 weeks old infant. The father is busy on the phone while carrying the infant. Then we overheard the conversation between them and the nurse. The infant needs to be admitted to the Read More

2nd half 2017 review with my wife

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Last night, we were having coffee at Starbucks and I brought along my notebook. I decided to follow up with a 2nd half review. I was putting on the wealth coach hat and she is my customer. I reverse engineer the process to understand the present need. I understand that there is a total annual Read More