Create Unfair Advantage

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This article is with continuation from the learning from the book “How to be a Capitalist without Capital” (you can read previous post here). Unfair does not mean dishonest. The specific persuasion method is to sell based on fear. When we fear something, we will do anything to fix the fear. Don’t try to persuade Read More

4 Rules

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Rule 1 Don’t focus on one thing It is more important for you to focus on a few things when you are just starting out. There was a saying, “If you chase two rabbits, both will escape.” This is only relevant if you are going for a huge hit and you are not going to Read More

Recharge During Time Off

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As the year is coming to an end and we are preparing for 2020, we need to allocate dedicated time to rest, reflect and prepare for more challenges. We need to prioritize self care, decide time for sleep, work, exercise, meet friends and other tasks to work on. We need to measure our progress, reflect Read More

Review on 2019

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FinancialI have updated my review on Total Passive Income/ Total Expenses Ratio in the JC Financial Freedom Fund Report Card. You can read about it here. In summary, the Total Passive Income/ Total Expenses Ratio is decreasing from 90% in 2018 to 58% in 2019. CareerCareer wise has grind to a standstill on 10th September Read More

Updates on JC Fund 17112019

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Recently, I am trying to stretch myself in a few directions and it has not been easy, coupled with a few weeks of downtime due to coughing and travel to Hong Kong and Kuala Lumpur on a back to back trip. Equities I sold off Synchrony Financial (SYF:NYSE) from the portfolio, my rationale is credit Read More

Why I choose Financial Advisory Business

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Start of Financial Advisory Business This article is not meant for self promotion. I just want to share this article so that maybe years later when I look back I will understand why I am in the financial planning industry. I cannot share what was discussed during the meeting. This is the first meeting which Read More

Semi Self Employment 070919

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I think my boss is pissed off that I did not join him in the joint venture company to continue to work for him after he paid me the commission. He tried to humiliate me for the past two days. He asked me to leave my laptop in the office and I cannot bring it Read More

Semi Self Employment 030919

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This article marks the closing chapter of my semi self-employment journey as an offshore broker. End of August 2019, I received the payslip which state that my commission is SGD 18.75k (Initially I forecast this project to bring in at least SGD 30k because profit to firm is about SGD 120k as I have seen Read More


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I had a chat with a friend and he felt miserable as he was comparing himself with others. He accounted this comparison mindset to his childhood when his mother compared him to others. Similarly, I can relate to this, it seems to be an Asian culture for Asian mothers to compare their children to others. Read More

Almost End of Semi-Self Employment Journey 06/08/19

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I don’t want to sound like Aunt Agony but this is another rant of my employee life. Before lunch, my employer told me that if there is no new deal by end of the month, he cannot keep me around for any longer. By 6 pm, my employer told me that I need to give Read More