JC Project Freedom Review on movie Parasite

Movie Parasite

February 23, 2020 JCprojectfreedom 0

Parasite won four Academy Awards and Oscar for Best Picture have raised the profile of the movie to unprecedented new heights. We will look into […]

JC Project Freedom Temporary Defeat

Temporary Defeat

February 21, 2020 JCprojectfreedom 0

Being defeated is often a temporary condition. Giving up is what makes it permanent.– Marilyn vos Savant Recently it was very challenging for me. Firstly, […]

JC Project Freedom Capitalist without capital

4 Rules

December 30, 2019 JCprojectfreedom 1

Rule 1 Don’t focus on one thing It is more important for you to focus on a few things when you are just starting out. […]