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Eldershield is a severe disability insurance that provides basic long term care and basic financial protection. It provides payout up to maximum 72 months. CPF members with Medisave account will automatically be enrolled under the Eldershield program at the age 40. There is no requirement for medical assessment. They are mainly three private insurers appointed Read More

ThaiBev + Sabeco

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Recently, the share price of Thai Beverage dropped from 0.97 to 0.935 within 2 days.  Vietnam Beverage wins 53.6% of Vietnam’s largest brewer Saigon Beer Alcohol Beverage Corp (Sabeco). ThaiBev paid 109.97 trillion dong (S$6.5 billion or Thb 158 bn ) and through indirectly owned Vietnam Beverage will own 26.3% in Sabeco. From previous post, Read More

Asian Financial Statement Analysis

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Asian Financial Statement Analysis is a book written by Tan Chin Hwee and Thomas R. Robinson. This is a highly recommended book which lays out proven framework for detecting irregularities in profits, financial positions and cash flow. I wanted to read this book because I found a company listed in HK that has fabulous financial Read More

Thai Beverage FY17 Financial Results FY Ended 30 September 2017

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Thai Beverage reported Financial Results ended 30 September 2017. The last stock price closed at $0.97 with highest $0.98.It was highlighted in the presentation from 1st October 2016, soda water business was transferred to non-alcoholic beverages business to the spirits business. The changes recognise that majority of consumers drink spirits mixed with soda water. The new Read More

Deployment of JC Fund

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I have been seating down with cash for a long while since probably May 2017 and has not deployed bulk of the cash into other stocks, missing one of the most spectacular bull run. This is the key reason why I have performed poorer than MSCI World Index. Nevertheless, I have achieved what I aim Read More


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Definition of correction is when the stock price falls 10% from the peak price. Correction usually occurs at least once a year. So far in 2017, I have not experienced a correction or maybe I missed it. Nobody can predict with consistency whether a market will rise or fall. The stock market rises over time despite temporary Read More

JC Options Fund 4th Month Results

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This game is getting addictive and dangerous. Just recently, I tried to execute a repair strategy and I press the wrong button. End up, I was stuck with a lousy position of 4 sell put on UAA.  Just now, I was chasing after FSLR premium, I have a bad vibe about this. I think greed Read More

Sell Put and Sell Call Option Strategies

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Selling a Put Key Factors Extremely highly implied volatility (the higher, the better) There is an identifiable support level You want to own the underlying security Once this trade is entered, one of three outcome will occur: The stock will remain above the strike price of the put option and the option will expire worthless. Read More

JC Options Fund 1st month review

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There is some luck element involved here as we managed to achieve close to 90% profit for most of the options with very minimum risk level of them been exercised for the first month of our options’ journey. If we have bought call options, the profit level will be higher. Nonetheless, this is a good Read More

Hutchison Port Holdings 2nd Q 2017

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Today was a painful day for HPH Trust, it dropped by more than 7% from a high of 0.48 yesterday. Yesterday after market closes, the results came out. June 2017 throughput of HPH Trust’ deep-water ports was 5% above last year. YICT’ throughput was 4% above last year. Combined throughput HIT, COSCO-HIT and ACT (collectively Read More