Challenging week for family

This whole week was terrible for the entire family as my son had fever for more than 5 days after seeing the pediatrician. We brought him to see his usual pediatrician and he was diagnosed with H1N1 virus or Influenza Type A. He was to be admitted to Thomson Medical Center on Monday evening so I rushed home quickly after work. I tried to take the escalator down to the train station but there were two ang mohs standing there. I told them excuse me and one of them told me,”I cannot fly.” I replied,”But you can stand to the side.” I was dashing to take train home during the peak hour, met up with family and took a cab down.

At the hospital, the admission officer tried to sell me the idea of single bed room but another admission officer was kind enough to offer whether I will like to consider two bedder room at level 4 where the nurses are more experienced with infants and children critical care. I immediately convinced my wife the second option sounds better than single bed room. We were given a two bedder room but the other bed is empty! Thank God, we pay for the price of two bedder but enjoy the same privacy and facilities of single bed room.

I told my mother to see the GP the next day as she was having fever and cough for more than a week. She was admitted after seeing the doctor. My helper was full time stationed in Thomson Medical looking after my son. We were traveling to and fro two hospitals to visit them. By the time we reached home, it was already very late for the past few nights. We did not have any energy to do any household chores. The dirty clothes were stack in piles and house was in a mess.

Thank God that my mother was discharged today and my son will be able to discharged tomorrow. My mother’s bill is about SGD 1.5k and I forecast my son’s hospitalisation bill to be close to SGD 7k. Now I fully appreciate the beauty of myshield plan insurance.

This has been a very tiring and challenging week for the entire family.

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