Change is the only constant

There are many things in life which we cannot see them coming. When we thought we have figured everything out, life has its way to throw us a spanner, spoiling our plans. All around we see perpetual changes in technology, in communications, in transportation, in economics, in government and in politics. Change is rampant in every industry, there are seismic shifts and transformations everywhere in this world. Uncertainty is the new norm. Be aware that we can take joy in this journey to undertake the many challenges and surprises and hardships. It is going to be an incredible journey. You will encounter many things that can bless your life and gain wisdom as you embark on this journey.

Changes vs Transition

Transition is the emotional, relational, financial and psychological processing of change. We get sick in transition because transition takes us to a lot of new and unexpected plans. You have to prepare for the transitions. We neglect transitional planning because we haven’t though ahead to all the different areas that might have an impact. Transitions are internal, invisible so that we do not see them coming. When you are in transitions, you experience pain, uncomfortable phase in life.

Change is external, it might be a move to a new location, loss of job, death of loved one, bankruptcy, a change in our marital status – all these events are external and matters of change. All changes require transition. We like consistency.

To respond to transition and change, always be willing to adapt since conditions change and keep changing. You have to stay fast, flexible and nimble. You will never be able to increase what’s in your hand until you increase what’s in your head. Charles Darwin said, “Survival goes not necessarily to the most intelligent or the strongest of the species, but to the one that is most adaptable to change.” Second make it your aim to improve yourself. Keep your eyes open and observe. Observe people and talk to them, because you can always learn something new by talking to people. You know what you know but you don’t know what they know. Connect with people, value people.

Signs for new changes

A. New People

You need new relationships to know new things. You need others who are beyond your current area of experience, people who are on a higher level. Sometimes an acquaintance will lead you to someone who will become extremely important in your life. They know that person they have access to that person, or they know how to gain that access. Show me your friends and I will show you your future.

B. New Problems

In every new stage of life you will experience new problems and pains. With all growth, problems come. If you are expecting growth in your future, realize that all growth mus be financed, and finances are difficult to obtain. That’s just the way the world turns, wherever there are people, there are problems. So in every stage in life, there are new challenges and difficulties.

C. New Places

The shifts and changes of life will bring us to new locations.

D. New Possibilities

When one door closes, another opens. Change always brings into your life new situations and scenarios that are in the realm of what can be. If you get laid off your job, start thinking about entrepreneur endeavors that allow you to work for yourself. Maybe you ought to rethink some things and come out of your comfort zone. You will find new possibilities on every level – a new possibility residing within every problem.

E. New Perspectives

Your outlook determines your outcome, and if you don’t get a new perspective, you will act with the old perspective. To operate a new level in life, you need a new perspective.

F. New Passions

Life’s changes and transitions bring new passions. When you go from one level to another, things that you used to be crazy over are just not that exciting any more because you have reached a new level. There are some passions that you will grow into, slowly you will begin to develop a love for different things that did not matter much when you are younger. It is amazing how life brings and introduces us to new passions as we mature.

Become a Master of Change

You have to make things happen to life. How do I manage this change so I don’t become a victim of it? Awareness is the beginning of mastering change. Are you sensitive to the fact change is happening. You need a clear focus mind to deal with change. After taking the deep breath, reflect. Then take action. Upgrade your skills, when the economy is changing, job market is changing. Don’t kill yourself, skill yourself. Or educate yourself, equip with new knowledge.

Learn from every change. Don’t go through life, grow through life. Remember that your future is not based on where you are, it is based on where you decide to stay. Be flexible in the midst of change but also locate and identify your constants and variables. There must be anchors that secures you. Find your anchors, find your principles that never change.

Avoid complaining, whiners are not winners and winners are not whiners. Have you ever noticed that complaining does not make things better, but rather worse? Complaining is like tying your own hands behind your back and expecting someone else to free you.

When you go through changes, stop and reevaluate. See the world as it is, not as you wish it to be. When you are processing change, ask these questions and write down your best answer. To sharpen and deepen your thinking about any particular situation that burdens and stresses you, simply write down details on a piece of paper. On the paper, out of the mind.

Reinventing yourself involves drawing a line between what your past and imaging what you could or should do in starting over today with a clean state. Ask yourself this question,” If my home and my business burned to ground overnight, and I had to start all over again- what would I do differently? What should I start back up immediately and what would I never start? What would I replace? What would I update? What should I try to keep the same as before? This can spawn new ideas. An individual who don’t innovate or reposition themselves will find themselves out of position, out of influence and out of touch.  So keep changing yourself and keep challenging yourself. If you are on a road that’s not leading anywhere, travel another road.

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