Chinese Stocks Sank Today

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On 3rd December, there was more bloodshed in the U.S. stock market. Alibaba’s (U.S) share price sank another 8.23%. sank 7.7%. iQIYI sank 15.74%. Huya sank 12.87%. New Oriental Education & Technology Group sank 9.47%. Netease dropped 6.9%.

Should we average down on Alibaba’s price drop?

In the previous article, you can read here on Alibaba’s recent quarter results which are not great. Do we just buy the dip? From “The Full-Time Investor” (previously known as GIM Growth Investing Mastery), I learned that not just buy on every X% dip but whether the valuation justifies the buy. For example, with a 10% drop and the EV/EBIT becomes higher, we don’t just average down blindly. At a share price range between HKD 80 – 100/share, we are very comfortable owning more.

Didi stock drop

Didi stock dropped 22% on 3rd December as they announced delisting in NYSE. Didi is planning to list the shares on the Hong Kong Stock Exchange. News of Didi’s decision to delist sent shockwaves through Chinese social media. The Chinese government is tightening its control on big tech firms. Didi needs to quickly

US Regulation

The US Securities and Exchange Commission is finalizing rules that will delist foreign firms that refuse to open their financial books to US regulators. China has rejected US audits for years. The new rules are affecting the Chinese stocks on Friday, sending shockwaves to the share price.

What are we doing?

We own both Alibaba and Hong Kong shares and are not worried about delisting from U.S. Delisting does not affect the fundamental value of the business such as revenue, profits, and future cash flow growth. We are ignoring all the noise and focusing on the fundamentals of the business. The lower share price while fundamentals remain positive is positive for long-term shareholders.

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