Climbing the corporate ladder

JC Project Freedom Corporate Ladder

Do you only know the corporate ladder as the only means to grow your wealth? Climbing the corporate ladder is like getting trapped. It is like living in the Matrix, you cannot tell what is the reality in the corporate world. I am not good at climbing the corporate ladder because I was a grasshopper. I jumped every 2 years to get the next increment or next interesting opportunity. Maybe it is because of this, I did not manage to grow deep with an organization. I have seen those who stick around for decades have moved up the corporate ladder.

The top of the corporate ladder with high salaries was great at acting. They need to say all the right things. They felt something is wrong or missing in their career. They are not happy and wanted more. They will be thinking “Will the CEO role make me happy?”

The higher you go, the more packed your days become. They are many people to oversee and many meetings to attend. Everyone expects that you have all the answers to the details. If you cannot improve your KPI, you will be left on the street. When the calendar is fully packed, how do you find time to think?

The top leaders want to speak freely. They want to be vulnerable. They want to share stories to inspire others. They cannot speak according to will. Most leaders do not have time for families. They are always on the move to other international offices. They are meeting clients. They are playing golf. They are busy building teams. What the company believes is important, they are obliged to fulfill with the promise of a huge fat bonus at the end of the year. Facetime calls with the family become the norm, with him gone so long, there’s nothing much left in the conversation. They feel very unhappy.

JC Project Freedom Corporate Ladder
Source: Photo by Vlada Karpovich

The management is fighting with one another to survive the corporate ladder, stepping on one another on the journey to reach the top. They need to survive in hostile places to earn the monies. They are slaves to the corporate at the top. Nobody wants to take risks. One wrong step will send you out of the door. They want to keep things going to draw more fat salary and bonus as long as possible. They do not realize that they are trapped in the game and there’s no escape. It is a corporate ladder game that brings everyone to nowhere.

It is important to climb the corporate ladder when you are young. It helps to grow your business skills and stack up cash for your investment, your hustle, and other businesses. The key is not to get trapped in it. You need to know your end goal objective and know when to get out of it.

For us is a very clear end goal, we want to achieve financial independence. We do not want to retire early, we want to have work optionality. We want to pursue interesting projects, live in other countries, expose the children to different cultures, and increase their global quotient.

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