December 2017 career update

I felt fortunate at times because I have met my mentor in army, he was the one who introduced me to the realm of investment. I lost my confidence in stocks in 2007 due to market crash, wiping out more than 40% in a single day. I continued to invest together with him, buying a lot of rubbish companies as we learnt. Fast forward to 2017, I have built a portfolio which gives dividend. I am always grateful towards him. This portfolio gives me the peace of mind on what happened today.

My boss sat down with me today and told me that I am being made redundant, I will start serving 3 months notice and my official last day should be end of March 2018. I did feel lost when the realization set in. I was walking across the zebra crossing when suddenly I paused and stand in the middle of the road. I felt lost. I was contemplating should I go for a cup of coffee, so that I can spend some quiet time thinking about my future. I returned home and sat on the toilet bowl (feeling down), with my palm over my face, thinking why must my boss break this news to me before Christmas and why I need to experience two redundancies in a year. I knew this will happen. 

Worst case scenario, my family can live on the dividend based on a simple lifestyle. I do not need to fret over expenses immediately. I can spend some time to think clearly what I really want in my life. 

Recently, I was reading this book by Robert Kiyosaki’s “Guide to Investing”. At first, I thought this is a book on investment but it is not. Overall, it is still a good read, teaching several theories which are true in today’s context in terms of an abundance mindset of the wealthy. There is no security as an employee and true security comes in running your own business. When you are self employed or in the business quadrant, it is your own business and you have control over your expenses, taxes and income. In the business quadrant, you will get more relaxed when your business is self sustaining when there is a system. This free you up with more time and cash flow so that you can pursue the next project. 

I was toying with the idea of seeking new employment for another 5 more years, with our combined income, JC Fund should reach SGD 3 million in terms of net worth. We should be financially free by then. Now, I think I need to put then plan on hold and try different paths. 

Insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.

A message to myself, “Stop looking for employment and let employers squeeze you on your salary to reduce cost, this will not work. Sooner or later, they will use a younger and cheaper employee to learn what you know and replace you.” 

Now, go forth and do not despair.  Be courageous and take bold moves in 2018.

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