Deployment of JC Fund

I have been seating down with cash for a long while since probably May 2017 and has not deployed bulk of the cash into other stocks, missing one of the most spectacular bull run. This is the key reason why I have performed poorer than MSCI World Index. Nevertheless, I have achieved what I aim to achieve this year.

Going forward, the return will not be as high as this year, Schroders forecast the next seven MSCI world return will have a nominal 4.2% per annum. Going forward, it will be more challenging to achieve a decent return. 

The US market is all time high, I sold one of the counter and add more to IBM while Warren sold his shares and add to APPLE. I added an ADR China share to the portfolio.

I bought my first European company after it corrected by 10%. 

I redeployed some of the HKD to Welling Holdings, Hang Lung and L’occitane. I did not have time to acquire Welling Holdings as recently work is taking a toll on my time. I only bought 11,000 shares as it is lightly traded before my holiday. While overseas, I realized that Midea is proposing to acquire the rest of the shares to privatize Welling Holdings. This is luck not skill. While on holiday in Hong Kong, I was watching the news and they announced that all the tunnel tolls will be considering a price increase after many years, this is an opportunity to acquire some defensive stock – Cross Harbor Holdings. I was drinking Vitasoy and I googled it. This is an interesting company but overvalued at this current price. I have placed it in my watch list.

Two other companies I need to dig further are China Longyuan and Beijing Enterprise. Time to sleep, the next few days will be crazy working hours and lots of business trips again. 

I am planning to take 2018 to learn how to invest on a full time basis. 

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