Double Whammy

I was fired on 26th November 2018. 
On 6th December 2018, my wife told me that her company will shift her functions to offshore. This move will be completed by mid of 2019. She can choose to move to Hong Kong to continue her role but there will be disadvantages.
If she does not continue her role in Hong Kong, she can try to find another role in the local setup. As an engineer, I believe in safety factor and try to cater for worst case scenario. 
In the worst case scenario, both of us will be jobless in 2019 and need to live on our dividend income. In addition, there will not be additional income to inject into JC Project Freedom Fund to acquire more assets.

Disadvantages of working overseas for our family
1. Young Child
We have a young child and education will be much more expensive when compared to government school in Singapore. There are expensive choices in Singapore such as Mindchamps which cost around SGD 1.5k/month, in Hong Kong will cost average SGD 1k/month whereas Sparkletots is about SGD 0.3k/month.

In Singapore, our helper/maid will cost around SGD 700/month including levies. In Hong Kong, having a helper will cost SGD 800-900/month. 

2. Cost of Living
It is different when you travel to a country for a tour compared to staying in one for a living. In 2018, I still can get a decent mix vegetable rice with one choice of vegetable and one choice of meat for SGD 2.20 in neighbourhood food center. Coffee in Kopitiam cost around SGD 1 – 1.10.
In Hong Kong, one mixed vegetable meal in neighbourhood food center will cost in a range of SGD 8-10. Coffee will cost around SGD 3.
If you compare this, your purchasing power will be greatly reduced based on same level of salary. I believe my wife will have her salary adjusted to reflect the cost of living if she needs to relocate. However, the cost of living is much higher when compared to Singapore.

3. Taxation
Tax will be higher in Hong Kong when compared to Singapore. In addition, you need to pay all the taxes at the start of financial year. In Singapore, we can break down into installment plan on a monthly basis. 

4. Career
Hong Kong will not be ideal for my existing industry which is the offshore oil and gas marine and subsea. Unless I traveled to Shenzhen on a daily basis. 
I think this is a bias view but I have a fear that I will not be able to find a job in Hong Kong.

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