Financial Gym 28 Sep 19

I attended the Financial Gym hosted by Cashflow Mastery Program on the 28th September 2019. This article came in late as I was busy last week, I attended New Advisers Training at my present Independent Financial Advisory firm. Why is this program called Financial Gym? It is a monthly mastermind group gathering where graduates from the Cashflow Mastery Program will do a case study, presented by experienced investors. It is meant to help graduates revise key concepts and practice what they have learnt. During the gathering, the mentors will coach the graduates and guide them on moving beyond their personal inertia and fear to start their investing journey.

Liong Hai shared the Cashflow Mastery Investment Framework

In September session, Liong Hai done a quick revision on the key concepts. Thereafter, he showed us his options trades and some of his long positions. He wanted to demonstrate how a $200k portfolio can create 2 streams of passive income, one from dividends and the other from options income. Thereafter, one of the graduates who went through the guidance of Chengkok (one of the founders) presented to us a case study on F5, a NASDAQ listed company. The depth of presentation encompasses the business, its competitors, how it is growing or fend off its competitions, its competitive advantage, management and intrinsic value.

Chengkok presenting his part

We took a 15 mins break where we have a feast because one of the generous student has made some money and bought lots of good food. During the break, we discussed investment ideas and spur fellow graduates to do better, take positive actions and grow the investment community. ChengKok explained the importance of an investment plan, why you need to grow your watch list and portfolio sizing.

After the session, I sold a put on 1 USNA 55 15Nov19. This is not a trade recommendation. I took up the courage to use options in a relatively safe and responsible manner. I will not go back to my old ways of being greedy. I learned new things from my discussions with fellow investors and decided to adopt a strategy towards options again.

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