General Updates over the Week

I attempted the M5 exams on 7th April and I failed.

My ex-boss is offering me a contract role to assist with him for 2-3 months. If he is able to secure the project, it may evolve into something long term. The pay is almost equivalent to what I was previously drawing. Hence, I need to proceed with it and delay getting on board my remisier role. More funds mean more ammunition for me to last this battle.

On 8th April, I went to attend Alvin Phang’s Azonbible course. There are a lot of things to learn and need to do. I met a lot of interesting people during the course itself. I met full time ecommerce business owners who are doing EBay, Amazon dropshipping, Aliexpress dropshipping, etc. Amazon is changing its game and encouraging its sellers not to buy reviews or provide free samples in exchange for reviews. Amazon is encouraging sellers to advertise to improve on ranking.

Since early January, I have been working together with three other friends on Shopify ecommerce business. We are getting slight improvement in our sales but yet able to scale it up in a way. There is only one guy who is doing the hard work on Facebook marketing and video editing which is too hectic and affecting his affiliate marketing business. Below is a snapshot of our progress. It is nothing compared to very successful ecommerce stores. However, we will start small and continue to buy data to test. Reiteration until we are successful one day.

JCProjectFreedom SOS earnings 090417

There are other cost such as Shopify monthly subscription fees and advertising cost on Facebook Business platform. We are only at break even stage. The above picture only shows the profit margin of the products that we are selling.
The concept to success in Affiliate Marketing and Ecommerce are the same, you just need to launch fast, if it fails kill it and relaunch again until you find the winning combination, then you scale it up. It is like a data scientist who is doing an experiment with lots of different variables. He needs to keep one variable and all other constant to conduct the test. Then he records his findings. A lot people come into the business thinking that they can make some quick bucks fast and left disappointed. I was one of them but I am slowly changing my mindset. I am seeing this as a business which you need to build up over the years.
There seem to be alot of things which I am trying to achieve all at the same time. With the scatter effort, I may not amount to anything at all. I need to think whether FOCUS is the best strategy.

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