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JC Project Freedom Interview Regularly

During our parents’ time, there used to be an era of job for life and there was loyalty between employer and employee. That era was the past. The average tenure for a job now is around 4 years and if you are between eighteen and thirty six, that number drops to below 3 years. Employment does not equate to security as we have seen many of our friends and family members who lose their jobs. We have inevitably become “Free Agents”.

A free agent is somebody who is not tied to their identity which is related to their job. A free agent is open to opportunities and they are happy to move when the timing presents itself. A free agent knows that no job lasts forever. As a free agent does not means you do not care about the company you work for, you know the world is changing fast and you need to be prepared for the changes.

You can be free. You can go for interviews or other jobs when you do not need them. When you go for interviews, you are still in the game. You will be in a better situation to present your strength and articulate how you can contribute.

You will have more choices available in terms of the type of business and job which you will want to work in. Your interview skills will get better and you can make better decision. By interviewing regularly, you are opening up possibilities, one of them may lead you to an incredible opportunity.

When things are difficult and you need something new, you have other option, that itself is freedom. When there is a job interview which is interesting, remember to go for it. Having options give you confidence and in turn gives you freedom every day.

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