Investing During COVID19 Days

JC Project Freedom Investing During COVID19

This post is to record the emotion and psychology that I am going through during such challenging times. The only joy for me is to work from home. Work from home? Yes, with God’s grace, I manage to take back my passport last Tuesday on 17th March, just before the official lock down in Malaysia started on 18th March. The usual practice to endorse the Employment Pass will take 3-5 days but because of special circumstances, it took only 1 working day. I was frantically calling the agent every 2 hours to monitor the status of the passport.

On 20th March, I asked my boss whether I can return to Singapore and work from home. He is very supportive and thinks that I should go back. I booked the last flight to depart at 2230 hrs. I wanted to have more time to finish up my work before I left.

At 1800 hrs, I dropped my luggage and hotel key at the reception, informed that I will return in the near future. I took Grab taxi and headed towards KL Sentral KLIA Express. At the train station, I realized that they combined both KLIA Transit with KLIA Express into one service due to the lockdown. The journey took longer than usual. At the airport, there was only McDonald which was open for takeaway. Only at the counter then I learned from a Singaporean auntie that we need to reach by 2359 hrs, if not we need to be quarantined.

An update on my parents’ STI Index Fund ES3.SI portfolio, I continue to buy 5000 shares at S$2.26. As of today, the STI Index recovered to 2500+ points. Seriously you think the virus drama is over? I don’t think it is over until our neighbors are all fully recovered. The whole of ASEAN countries are affected by the COVID-19 virus. This will drag for a few months to contain the virus in other countries. I have not even started my buying spree. How will I buy it? I will buy the ES3.SI to build up to 50% for them, thereafter I will allocate another 30% to STI REITs ETF, follow by 20% into individual STI stocks. If this is successfully deployed, this move can change the lives of 3 generations. It does not need to be a multi-bagger to improve our lives. I just want to create a permanent well of wealth.

What about my own portfolio? If you see my stated net worth somewhere in this blog, it is before the crisis. I do not dare to tabulate the numbers. However, I do not wish for the market to recover. I hope the market will be in depression for the next 2 years. I want to deploy every month and reinvest dividends to buy back the stocks I own to bring the average price down. I have stopped deploying funds to RDS.B, I own 4000 shares and potentially another 500 shares due to option. Another “on hindsight story”, I wanted to sell all 3200 shares in to switch to RDS.B to buy 5000 shares at US$20. It did not happen. My balls shrink? Nay, I cut MPLX to switch to RDS.B, that move actualized a full loss of USD 40k?! So what happened? I don’t know. I just believe in I know the risk-reward for RDS.B at US$20 is worth the bet but somehow I just did not want to put all my eggs in one basket.

It is ok. I believe in his plans for me. It is time to diversify from oil companies because I am working in oil-related industry. I am waiting for the right price for Google, Cisco, Slack, and Zoom. I am waiting to average down OCBC as well.

Coming back to work, work is challenging but fulfilling. I forgot how exciting work can be. It is fun at times when you are rushing to complete many tasks at a go. Time to sleep, there is no action for me when the market is shooting up and in green. Damn the FED bazooka.

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