JC Fund Position Updates 1st June 2024

JC Project Freedom

I don’t particularly appreciate holding cash. I am not saying cash is trash. I prefer to exchange them for assets.

CPF Positions update

If you are below 55, you can top up your Special Account up the current Full Retirement Sum (FRS) to build your retirement savings. The FRS is two times of Basic Retirement Sum (BRS). BRS in 2024 is S$102,900. FRS in 2024 is S$218,000. If you wish to save beyond your FRS, tap on the Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS), where contributions are eligible for tax relief.

I topped up S$8,000 for Mrs’ Medical Account, the contribution is eligible for tax relief. We both contributed S$8,000 each to my mother’s Medical Account for tax relief purposes. Thereafter, I transfer from my own CPF Ordinary Account to the Special Account.

J CPF OA – S$ 6,577.60
J CPF SA – S$ 205,800.00
J CPF MA – S$ 71,500.00

C CPF OA – S$ 21,361.09
C CPF SA – S$ 214,333.66
C CPF MA – S$ 67,076.28

CPF is our “SG bond portfolio”. Our SG bond portfolio stands at S$586,648.63/= Medical Account can be used for medical purposes and health care insurance premiums. If it is not money, I don’t know what it is. I just park them under a Non-Current Account in our balance sheet.

Supplementary Retirement Scheme (SRS)

I have made a top-up of S$15,300 each to both our SRS accounts. This is mainly for tax relief purposes. We use the funds in SRS to buy Dimensional Fund Advisors funds.

J SRS S$45,900.00

C SRS S$91,814.00

I park them under the Current Account in our balance sheet.

Building up our non-SG bond portfolio

If I consider my SG bond portfolio compared to our equity portfolio, it stands at around 17% of the combined value. The aim is to grow the non-SG bond portfolio to around USD 200,000. It will not be instantaneous but gradually over time. I have bought 100 shares of TLT which is 20+ years Treasury Bond ETF. It pays monthly interest, averaging around USD 0.30 per month. It means now I will be paid close to USD 30 per month. In addition, need to pray that the price does not increase further. How wonderful it would be if I could be paid USD 600 per month. This will complement our dividends and CPF Life income in the future.


We are sowing seeds for our future. This is to ensure that we can have carefree retirement years. Recently, I received an email from a project manager that all contract staff are to be terminated immediately from the project as the project has been completed. The project needs to drastically reduce costs to the minimum. This is a reminder to myself that employees are just a number to the business. If the number does not justify a business case, it will be reduced or cut immediately.

I am anal. This is due to the years of retrenchment between 2017 to 2019. I want to prepare for the next downturn. The next recession.

Stash away for the winter

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