JC Investment Journey 14th July 2023

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14th July 2023
Today I pumped funds to purchase 9000 shares of LINK REIT at HKD 43.85/share. I felt this was rash. I made all the rash purchases whenever I was working overseas. A week ago, I purchased 1000 shares of LINK REIT at HKD 42.05/share.

Later I also happily click to purchase 100,000 shares of Bank of China at HKD 2.80/share.

The rationale for purchase: I bought Link REIT because of P/B = 0.59 and a dividend yield of 6%. I think this is a depressed share price. However, the trend is still dropping and there is no change in the trend yet. I believe the dividend can be sustained and it has just issued 5 for 1 rights to raise funds for future acquisitions. In the short run, there won’t be any further fundraising events.

The dividend I will use for estimation will be HKD 2.5/share to be conservative. FY2024 dividend should be 10,000 x 2.5 = HKD 25,000 ~ SGD 4,300/year.

The rationale for purchase: I bought Bank of China because of P/B = 0.3 and a dividend yield of 9%. There is a 10% WHT on taxation for foreigners. The market is depressed again because of the forecast decrease in NIM. The property market in China is depressed and property price drop may trigger a contagion of negative events. 20% of the young people are jobless. The central government knows this and the technology industry crackdown has stopped. The policies are already implemented and the central government is ready to let go of the tight grip.

For the dividend, I will use HKD 0.21/share to be conservative. The dividend for FY 2024 should be 100,000 x 0.21 x 0.9 = HKD 21,000 x 0.9 = HKD 18,900 = approximately SGD 3,250/year.

I have added a forecast dividend of SGD 7,550/year to JC Fund’s Free Cash Flow.

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