JC Option Fund 03/12/2019

I did a 10 Sell Put RDS.B @ 55 expire 17 Jan 2020 for 0.79. This means I sold 10 options for Royal Dutch Shell at $55 which will expire on 17th Jan 2020 for $0.79. 10 options = 1000 x 0.79 = USD 790 option money into JC Fund.

This is not a recommendation to trade and is purely for my sole recording purpose. I want to do a Dollar Cost Averaging on Royal Dutch Shell. While waiting for the share price to drop to my desire price, I want to collect some money for the time spent waiting.

At 7% dividend yield based on $55 share price (yearly dividend is $3.88/share), I can stomach the risk of oil price hitting low again and the rise of renewable energy.

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