JC Option Fund October 2021

JC Option Fund October 2021

I sold a Unity Call which was assigned on 19th November 2021. I recorded this trade in another post. This sell Call has potentially limited the profit by another USD 3,500 because USD 210 – USD 175.

Pax Global was raided by FBI today and there was suspicion on malware installed on the Point of Sales system. This caused a 10% drop on 27th October 2021. I don’t have cash to do much, just try to sell 1 PUT on StoneCO.

JC Option Fund trade for October 2021

By 11 pm, the storm has passed, STNE has recovered its ground, closing the gap from a 10% drop to around a 4% drop. Tonight is going to be a wide ride for STNE. Nowadays, I don’t whack 10 options in a single go. Yes, you may bring in one shot USD 6k but there will be stress oversleep. It is not worth it. I prefer USD 600 and a peaceful night’s sleep.

I was greedy last night 28th October 2021. I just contradict my earlier claim in the previous paragraph. I sold another 9 contracts and brought in USD 5.3k. I can sleep on this, don’t worry.

JC Option Fund trade for October 2021 updated on 28th October 2021

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