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JC Project Freedom JC Option Fund
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Updated 29th September 2021 noon

As I was writing this on 28th September 2021, the market is very volatile. SPX just dropped 1.8%. Yield curve is climbing up and growth stocks are getting hammered. The rotation of companies begins. In this article, I want to do a quick update on the option trades I executed for September 2021.

Source: Tradingview.com

I was busy in September, after closing all the PLTR options, I left with mainly Fastly options. In the month of September, I started to sell Put at SP 35 expiry January 2023 on StoneCo when the share price was around USD 45/share. Today on 28th September, I sell Put at SP 35 expiry January 2023 on StoneCo. The average premium is around USD 6/ option. I sold a Call on Unity at USD 170/share. Currently, the share is battered, dropped around 6% during trading hours. I gather around USD 1,300 of premium for this month.

JC Option Fund – September Options

SoftBank backed digital lender Banco Inter SA and payment company StoneCo are in talks to expand current partnership with the possibility of merger. You can read this from Deal Street Asia. StoneCo bought 4.99% stake in Banco Inter in June to attract Banco Inter’s client to its payment services.

With their existing partnership, Inter offers Stone’s processing services to its clients and merchants who use Stone to process credit and debit cards are being offered connections to Inter’s online marketplace.

Updated Trade for JD.com 9618.HK

The spillover from yesterday turmoil cause 3% drop in share price, I need to rollover the trade to November. I buy PUT to close the September expiry which cost HK 10.47/share and sell PUT in November which has premium of HKD 26.68/share. I pocket HKD 8,057 in premium.

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