JC Options Fund 15072017

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I sold another put while I was in Taiwan. I gathered from my Taiwanese client that China is an unstoppable force in terms of economic strength. I will prefer to buy a Call on this stock FXI but let me practice my options first.

In an ideal world, I can boost my cashflow through the use of options to achieve financial freedom earlier. Then I will just continue to grow my existing portfolio while using cashflow from options to pay for daily expenses.

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By 2019, if everything goes smoothly, we should be able to achieve our quest. Then I will let my wife continue to work for another 2-3 years and she can focus on her coaching business. 
I want to contribute back to society and help our fellow Singaporeans to be more financially savvy, encouraging them to start investing and do their financial planning earlier rather than late. I have seen how our Taiwanese counterpart are financially savvy and more entrepreneurial than us because of media and geopolitical reasons. I think there is an increasing number of financial bloggers which is good for young people to learn more about financial planning and investment. I think it should be compulsory for schools to teach about finance and investment (not textbook stuff like efficient market hypothesis, beta, CAPM model but practical ones). 
The world is going to be very different 20 years from now, AI is coming in a very big way, there will be a lot of disruptions to normal businesses. We need to get ready for this. 

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