JC Options Fund Update 27 Jan 2018

Just now, I experience a moment of fear. I remember recently in 2017, I experienced a fearful incident. I took the staircase in International Plaza on the 26th floor to 25th floor then I tried to open the door but it was locked from inside. I started to descend to the next level and try to open the door. Again it was locked. Then I tried the next floor and the next one. Fear started to creep in when I went to 20th floor. I was flustered and worried what if nobody realized that I am missing as it was a Sunday. Then I calm myself, took a breather and continue to walk downstairs and finally the door was able to open on the 6th floor which leads to the car park.

My fear earlier was when I did a cut loss on all my TLT and IEF options. It was very painful and scary. I just frantically pressed the right click button on the mouse and execute the close position order. I will explain my rationale why I need to shift out from bonds in another post. For capital loss, it was – USD 4,304.95 and premium loss was – USD 433.88. OUCH! To justify for the losses, I chased after a volatile stock AAPL and sell put on it to gain the premium of USD 9,189.54. I think it is going to be shitty as 1st February after market close, the earnings is going to be released. Yes, I did not check the earnings date again. This is the type of situation which you can only pray that the earnings is good and you get to keep the differences and free up your capital. Worst case scenario, it is going to be a thick white bar downwards like the month of November 2017 as shown in the above figure. If it happens, the thick white bar is going to be very scary.

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