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I am enjoying the commute by MRT (train) as it gives me more time to read books and learn new things. However, there are many pain commuting brings.

I used to work at Loyang Offshore Supply Base and I drove to work. The commute via car took me an hour from door to door each way. However, I was always stressed and tired with all the traffic jam. For most of my other jobs, I need to commute by MRT for 1.5 hours each way which means I spend 3 hours per day on the road. I get to indulge in some reading and some snooze. For business trips, I have to spend almost a few hours to travel to airport, waiting in queue at the immigration and for the plane to arrive, it waste a lot of my precious time. Commuting is not good for everyone. It steals precious time from your life, affects health and relationship.

It is difficult to reduce commuting time but it can have a huge impact on your life. If you reduce your commuting time by twenty minutes, it will lower your risk of neck, back pain, heart attack and obesity. According to a Swedish study, commuting more than forty five minutes for just one partner makes the couple 40 percent more likely to divorce.

If you can be flexible on your commuting so that you are not travelling during the peak hours, this will help to alleviate stress and there will be more chance to enjoy the journey. You can listen to audiobooks, watch videos to learn new skills, making the best usage of the time. The ultimate aim is to reduce commuting hours so that you are free, have more time and in better health.

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