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JCProjectfreedom Mental Toughness Shane Yan

I want to attend the Self Awareness course held by Growthbeans to increase my personal self awareness and understand about mental toughness.

The first session was on Reiki. Reiki is healing therapy which involves the harness of universal life energy. This understanding of energy allows one to heal oneself and others, understand the energy of others to better help them through coaching.

The 2nd session was presented by Ezzy Wang.  He experienced cancer twice and recovered. His sharing was on how to get out of comfort zone. You need to focus on what you want to achieve, ask and you shall be given. Life is too short, you need to look for opportunity and try things that you have been dying to do. If you do not try, you will not know where your limit is. Everyone’s potential is unlimited. Love will overcome all adversity. Do not keep focusing on what you have lost, you will be blinded by this and not able to look beyond. Instead, look at what you have, things that you are blessed with. This is your own journey, you just need to compete with yourself. Enjoy the journey and the view that comes with it.

JCProjectfreedom Growthbeans Ezzy Wang

The 3rd session was conducted by Shane Yan, one of the founder of Growthbeans. The topic is “Understanding your Mental Toughness”. Mental toughness is affected by Commitment, Challenge, Confidence and Control.

JCProjectfreedom Mental Toughness Shane Yan

Our own energy will affect others, the energy will channel through you will be reflected outwards. You need to stretch yourself to widen your circle of control, you need to keep pushing yourself. The key to finding your passion is to ask yourself “What promises you make to yourself which you didn’t keep?”, the answers lie in there. Recall a time when you achieved your goal and fulfilled your promises, what are the actions you take? What enabled it to happen? What strategies did you use? This will be same blueprint to discover the passion and embark to pursue it. After conducting the exercises in the session, I found that I have the Commitment, Challenge and Control. I need to work on the Confidence level.

The last session is “Mental Resilience on the Start-up Journey” conducted by Steffan Fung. He started his first business while moonlighting in SAF Commando Special Forces. The first business was a car wash business for super cars. His businesses were mainly bootstrapped. Bootstrap is defined as using your own money to start the business. Passion is defined as that gets us started and Resilience is what pulls us through. Steffan shared that it is extremely stressful to look at the money left in the bank and he needs to pay salary at the end of the month. The secret for resilience is based on a formula which is “Achieve a goal -> Feel good about it -> Remember this feeling -> Apply this feeling during tough times to push through”. He first started his business part time and eventually there will be a crossover point to shift to full time. That is when the full time income will cease and the burn rate will be eating into savings. Burn rate is defined as expenses per month.

JCProjectfreedom Growthbeans Valley of Death

We need to ask whether the market is ready? Is the product trustworthy? People pays you when they buy your product, they do not pay you when you are developing the product. The harder you work, the luckier you become. In running a startup, you do not know how tough it is until you try it yourself. Steffan worked from morning till 11.30 pm, reach home shower and continue to work till 2am. This happens everyday and Saturday evening is the only family time. For a startup, you need to work extremely hard for the first 18 months. Before you can do things which are scale-able, you need to do things that unscaleable. In addition, be prepared to take 70% pay cut, experience loneliness and lots of sacrifices. He felt that cash flow in a startup is the most important element. For future startups, it involve splicing existing products together into one and do it 10x better than the original one. For example, you splice Dropbox and Evernote together and create something 10x better than both original products.

In conclusion, I have learnt several new things to increase my self-awareness, how to stretch my mental toughness and understand the resilience required to do a start-up.





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