Less is More

Less might actually be more.


We are in this world drowning with possessions, we keep buying and accumulating more stuff. We do not have the opportunity to discard our things. Early this year 2017, we start to segregate some of the unwanted clothes. We took stock of my wife’s bags and we decided that we need to let go of those that she does not need. 

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I am guilty of buying too many books and have more than thousands of ebooks in my hard disk. There is no way I will finish reading them in my lifetime. I am hoarding them like the drake hoarding the gold in the Hobbit movie. 

We are currently living in a 1550 sqft Executive Apartment HDB and this gives us the room to buy more stuff. We need to constantly remind ourselves not to buy unnecessary stuff to clutter the house. 

Maybe in ten years time, we should move to a smaller HDB flat and design the house as a minimalist concept. 


  • By donating your stuff to Salvation Army or charities will help others who need them more than you. 
  • It helps to free up your cupboards and shelves.
  • It provides free cash to accumulate more financial assets
  • With lesser things in life, you will feel happier
  • While rearranging our stuff, it helps to look at each of our possessions and force us to evaluate them. It helps us to question our passion, values and what is more important in our lives.
  • It rearrange our lives.

Removing things from our house helps us to desire less and work towards real freedom and happiness. 

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