Life as an Employee

I think life as an employee has some control over your future by controlling the internal factors but you have no say over the external factors.

Early this year in May when I joined the company, I assisted to close a long term framework agreement for 5 years work. Now that this project is been awarded to the company, my new Managing Director who is also one of the board members based in Asia Pacific started to reveal his plans.

He told me that once the project is up and running, he will have someone based in Kuala Lumpur and he will be in charge of the market. Whereas I will be responsible for other international markets such as Thailand and Myanmar. I heard that the person who will be joining the company is his son-in-law. I have no career ambition to become the next Managing Director, I only have financial aspirations.

The Thailand and Myanmar markets are very tough for us to penetrate because we do not have the right type of vessel and the local players are protecting their market from external players. Clearly, it is a game plan to give his son-in-law the easy slice of cake to eat and eradicate me by sending me to take on Mission Impossible. Then finally, I will join the chartering team, churning out proposals and have no say in the pay. It will be a situation of either I take it or someone else will take your role.

“It matters not how strait the gate, or charged with punishments the scroll. I am the master of my fate. I am the captain of my soul.”

  1. I can continue to let my boss leverage on my time
  2. I can start to search for alternative way out
  3. I can start to go into other form of part time businesses now
  4. I can plunge straight into business by myself or with a friend

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