Meeting with a Secondary School Friend

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I stepped into the clinic recently and met a secondary school friend. I used to beat this guy up during secondary school because he always wanted to belittle me or irritate the shit out of me. He is very successful financially, living in a landed house, and driving a Porsche SUV with a beautiful family. Once we settled down, he tried to share how difficult it was for me to change my career back then.

Then he continued to rattle on how he was successful in his line.

When we talk about other secondary school friends, he mentioned LY and her husband retired recently and they have bought a semi-detached house. He mentioned another classmate who is running his father’s business is doing very well, he is playing golf every week in a different country. Another schoolmate used to be a CFO and the company he worked for got bought out. Another mate is now staying in the East Coast Park area because he loves it there.

The point he wants to make is all the friends that he still keeps in touch with are doing very well in life financially. I am this poor-looking chap who does not drive. I have nothing to show. I just listen diligently. I am happy all these guys are doing well. They did not do exceptionally well during secondary school but that did not stop them from becoming bigger in life. This taught me the importance of balancing between aiming for straight As versus learning. Learning is more important in life. Straight As does not guarantee that you will be successful in life.

I don’t care what he may think about me. Avoid people who like to compare (ok I need to stop this as well) and avoid people who like to complain.

Do you know what happened after your funeral? The crying will die down after a few hours. Your family will be busy making arrangements for food and drinks. Some of your relatives will start discussing current affairs over coffee and some people will call your family that they cannot make it because of an emergency. Your employer will start to look for your replacement. In a few days, your children will go back to work because their bereavement leaves run out. In a month your spouse will be watching comedy on TV and start to laugh.

You will be forgotten at an astonishing pace.

If people will forget you so easily. Who are you living your life for? You spend your whole life thinking about what others will think about you, they don’t.

Go live your life for yourself!

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