Modern Slavery

JC Project Freedom Modern Slavery

My mentor shared this theory with me years ago and recently I read the this theory from this book “Journey to Financial Freedom”, the author owns the website here. The world used to practice slavery several hundred years where masters own slaves, they control them, they enjoyed the fruits of production from their slaves. The masters were in a position of power and enjoyed this unfair advantage. Those born into slavery lost their freedom forever.

In the modern world, slavery system is abolished. On the surface, we have freedom. However, the Modern Masters are still around in our world where they use a “System” to control and dominate the modern slaves.

I believe that not a lot people know about truth about this system. They control most of the wealth in the world. The System predetermines everyone’s destiny before his or her birth whether the future will be advantageous or disadvantageous.

The System is an advance form of slavery system, it is about distribution of wealth. The System distributes all the normal people’s effort and wealth to the Masters. This System is made up of complex systems which consist of financial system, currency system, free market system, pricing model, demand and supply, allocation of resources, political bodies, network systems, power system, legal system, taxation system, education system, media, information system, etc. They affect everyone in this world.

I will use the game of Monopoly to illustrate the System. In the game of Monopoly, everyone will withdraw money, buy land, build house, receive rental income, etc. In the actual world, all the land, resources, power, utilities, enterprises belong to the Masters. From the first day you start in the System, you are playing this game at a disadvantage position. Every single round, when you throw a dice, you will land onto the Masters’ land, property, utilities, transportation, retail shops like the game of Monopoly, and you are busy making money to pay for rental, mortgage expenses, utilities, car loans, shopping, credit card bills. No matter how hardworking you are, you can never get out of this System.

We are ordinary people who do not understand that we are part of the System and we are the modern slaves to this System. The System is put in place to deprive freedom from the normal people through the distribution of wealth from your hard work to the Masters. Most of the ordinary people will realize that after working for many years, they do not have much left just like the slaves who have wasted their lives working for their masters in the past. All their fruits of labor are enjoyed by their masters.

Although this sounds frustrating, I feel that most of us will not bow down to this unfair disadvantage of the System. I believe that we can change our destiny, regain our freedom, control our lives, we can find the secret formula to embark on the journey towards our financial freedom. The Masters do not want us to know the method to get out of the System. The key to change our destiny is Financial Knowledge!

With financial knowledge, we can harness the System by understand how it operates and identify the hidden platform, utilizing suitable financial tools, build a road towards Financial Freedom.

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