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JC Project Freedom Review on movie Parasite

Parasite won four Academy Awards and Oscar for Best Picture have raised the profile of the movie to unprecedented new heights. We will look into some of the key issues this movie is trying to discuss here. Movie spoilers ahead!

The Park family represents the wealthy and privileged. They never look down, their noses are always in the air and the Kims are able to hide underneath tables. They do not care what’s below them. The Park family are sensitive to the smell of the poor Kim family, they felt that those who took the subway (our MRT) have a smell. The Kims stayed in semi-basement apartment known as “banjiha” which was portrayed as a symbol of hardship and reek of poverty. The rich – Park family depends on referral from trusted source which is the ultimate currency in the upper class world.

Mr Park worked very hard to achieve what he has, running a technology company, a pretty wife who does not need to work, children who can afford expensive tuition and stay in a beautiful house. The Park family has friends from similar background, they all look beautiful and picture perfect.

Mr Kim tried to start his own business but it went under just like Geun-sae whom hide in Mr Park’s basement from loan sharks. The Kims have to take on any work, includes folding pizza boxes. Why some end up more successful than others? How can Mr Kim and Geun-sae pull themselves out of poverty?

This is same in fields like insurance. Consumers will tend to stick to their advisers whom they already know and those people tend to be similar to them. It can be difficult to break into an existing client adviser relationship because they don’t even know you exist. Why some people are extremely successful running their agencies and I am struggling to put food on table selling term plans?

The most despair scene is when Mr Kim laid besides his son Ki-woo in the gym when their house was flooded. He mentioned,”You know what kind of plan never fails? No plan at all. If you make a plan, life never works out that way. With no plan, nothing can go wrong.” I felt similar and wondered what I was doing for my family.

I was walking out from the stadium with my child after soccer class, I saw his class mate who is around the same age as him sat at the car boot of a Porsche SUV eating breakfast with his mother. I held my son’s hand and walked briskly towards the MRT as we were rushing to attend church. That’s when I recalled scenes from the movie Parasite. In life, it is always fair, some will be more fair than others. I just need to be like Ki-woo and be more opportunistic, work hard at every chance to rise up in the societal ladder and “one day buy that house for my father to walk out from the basement”. Until that day……

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