My helper’s Quest for Financial Freedom

My helper quarreled with my mother yesterday and she spoke to me that she would like to terminate the contract earlier. She does not want to transfer or seek employment elsewhere but return back to her hometown. This is not the first time she quarreled with my mother. My helper is a very intelligent lady, helps to take care of my child and covers some of the household work. However, she is not the most diligent, she will try to find opportunity to laze around and her character is calculative to certain extent. This is not the subject I want to discuss today. I want to discuss on her quest for Financial Freedom. She does not know this definition but she is disciplined and works faithfully to reach her goal.

She has a vision. She has created a well thought through financial plan, how long she will work in Singapore, what is the amount she needs to save, what assets she needs to acquire once she saves the amount. She always pays herself first, transferring about 90% of her salary through Payhome to reach her family in Surabaya. Her husband lost his job a few years ago and she took on the role as the sole bread winner. In the past, she did not take days off on Sunday and would prefer to work to get additional pay. She bought a piece of land then she built her house. After that, she bought farm animals such as 10 goats, cows and chickens. The farm animals according to her are able to generate passive income through milk, eggs and sell for meat when they reach a certain age. Recently, she completed her sewing class at a local mosque on Sunday. Yes, she started taking off day on Sunday to attend classes for self improvement. If my helper is learning new skills on Sunday, what is the reason I should not be doing the same?

In short, she had completed building her landed house without any debt and created other streams of income through her farm animals. She learned new skills which can create an alternative source of income through business when she returns to Surabaya. She can choose not to put up with a challenging employer – freedom to choose her employer, freedom to do what she wants with her life.

I feel good that through her employment for the past 3 years taking care of my child and 2 years taking care of my late grandfather, she had achieved Financial Freedom. All these are made possible because she is disciplined, respect for money and delay gratifications.

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