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Time is life, we have limited amount of it. We live by this currency. We can continue to waste Time and it can just fly by, it is fluid, it can be bent and flexed to help us.

Some of us have more money, some have less. It is often related to how they live and behave. We all have the same amount of time everyday, yet there are some who can achieve more with it. They are able to live lives to the max.

I will do a personal annual review at the end of year, looking back and ask myself what I have achieved. It is important for me to understand what is truly important to me, do I need to experiment new things for the coming year and what I need to change or improve on.

I fear of wasting time and want every year to build upon the last, making it another transformative year. The achievements do not need to be financial or even physical because progress itself is exciting. Now, look back at the past few years on the things that you have done and changed your life – those are the important stuff.

With the same perspective, ask yourself what you have achieved in work that has shaped your career over the past years?

We have too many things that we want to achieve them all but we have limited time. This is called opportunity cost. We would be crazy just trying. This is why it is important to decide what is going to make an impact to your life and you will put all your egg into this basket. You cannot diversify to make your life excellent. As we have seen, by dividing our attention and energy, we become less competent and reduce our chances of achieving anything iconic.

So choose wisely on time spent on the action which will bring the biggest difference to your career and do it. The secret to achieving great things is to tell everyone you are going to do it and then eventually you have no choice. There is no turning back, if you want to take the island, burn your boats.

By doing so, you are claiming your freedom. It is your decision and nobody else’s and you will create more freedom. The more success you achieve, the more freedom you get to play and we all love that.

We are too easily distracted by the next shiny stuff and try to make ourselves occupied thinking that this will make us successful. Often this leads to more disappointment and dissatisfaction. Make a list of four things you wish you had more time for. For the next four days, wake up an hour earlier than usual and use that extra hour to do the thing you wish you had time for. You may be a bit tired but when you have done it, you can go to bed a little earlier and happier. After four days, you will make time for those things because they make you happy or you can stop complaining about not having time. Either way, you win.

My four things I want to do, I am waking up at 6 am to do this:

  • Write 2 blog post for the week
  • Read a company financial report
  • Complete and refine my investment system
  • Exercise before going to work

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