One month into the day job

For the past one month, my schedule has been very hectic. I was traveling most of the time for work and there are a lot of work due as the tender submission date is getting close. I will feel emotional when I am away from the family. When I was young, I used to travel extensively for work. I was single then. Now, I have a family, I just want to be with them, to take care of them.

I was so busy, I did not have time to study in detail on many financial statements which I will like to read. I done some quick calculations on a few of watchlist stocks and continue to monitor them.

Coincidentally, I added some IBM into my portfolio at USD 161 and in the next few days, Warren Buffett announced on CNBC that he had sold 1/3 of the shares and immediately IBM drop from USD 161 to 155 and to 150 before finding the temporarily support. 

I sold my stock M in HK to do this switch. Stock M continued its crazy rise! Well, they say never sell your winners as you will be stuck with the losers. This may have some wisdom in it. 

The bank deducted a lump sum from my saving accounts and I should be getting my house deed in a few weeks. Technically I am debt free from big ticket items. The game plan for next 5 years is to transfer all the incoming money from Ordinary Account to Special Account in my CPF to maximise the returns. I do not foresee buying the 2nd property and I will have the capability to pay for my kid’s education in the future.

  1. Continue to read a book every week
  2. Continue to scan for stocks
  3. Eliminate affiliate marketing business to focus on ecommerce
  4. Try to secure the project

Recently, I am changing my investment strategy, moving away from income strategy but more towards ROE.

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