Quit Like a Millionaire

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I finish reading this book Quit Like A Millionaire by Kristy Shen and Bryce Leung. This article is to summarize some of the key learning from the book. Career Choice Following your passion is a bad way to pick a career. Instead, you can pick a career based on its Pay-over-Tuition (POT) score. The formula Read More

Things I Learn From Meeting Friends

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I always learn new things from meeting friends when we share about our work and life. They help me to understand what is important to their lives, their financial situations and what motivates them. The first meeting is with an industry friend. He works as an offshore shipbroker, he is paid SGD 12k per month Read More

June Expenses 2019

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In the month of June, there were two items which are considered one off purchase. I spent about S$1,050 on a new laptop, preparing myself for financial advisory business. I spent S$2,500 on a luxurious item – Hermes Picotin for my wife. The Picotin is not the latest edition, I believed to be about 6-7 Read More

Save to Become Rich Millennial

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Many millennial lack the financial planning know-how and indulge in self-gratification, funding their hobbies instead of saving for retirement. Young working adults are spending on overseas travel, latest gadgets, fashion and luxurious accessories. Many are facing an uncontrollable debt at an earlier age. Instead of shoring up savings, some millennial are drawing down from their Read More

Time to Hold Cash?

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SHILLER PE RATIO Shiller PE ratio is defined as average inflation-adjusted earnings from previous 10 years known as Cyclically Adjusted PE ratio. The above image is Shiller PE Ratio for S&P 500. It can be seen in 1930 when the market crashed which was known as Black Tuesday the Shiller PE ratio was around 30. Read More

May Expenses 2019

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In May 2019, the total expenses rack up to S$11.4k. There are a few exceptional items such as Maid Expenses, Education and Travel. Maid Expenses consist of 3 months of salary and maid agency fees. Travel expense consist of only hotel cost which is one off cost. Education expense has some exceptional cost. Read More

Cashflow Mastery Program

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I attended CALM’s flagship investment strategy Cashflow Mastery Program between 27th-28th June 2019. I want to share what I have learnt from the program. Why should we invest? The za chai fan or economy mixed vegetable rice in hawker center has increased the price from S$2.50 (2 choice of vegetables and 1 meat) to S$3. Read More

Semi Self Employment update 29/06/2019

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I realized the cold hard truth of my journey of semi self-employment is my boss treats me not as a partner but just as an employee. At 4 am, I am blogging this to help myself remember this painful experience. Day in day out, he is grilling me for the next project which is psychologically Read More

10 Tips to Start Business without Money

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We always hear our friends mention,” Starting a business requires a lot money and where to get the funds?” In my previous posts, I have mentioned that we need to have multiple sources of income, we need to increase our income in order to have surplus to invest for our retirement. We always complain our Read More

A Brief Look at Giordano

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It has being very busy for me during the last month trying to look for new business on a daily basis. Sometimes I don’t even know the reason why I am busy. I try to spend this late Friday night to monitor a familiar garment company Giordano. Due to the trade war, my investment has Read More