Invest in Unit Trust

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There are a few investment options such as stocks, real estate investment trust (REITs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and unit trusts. In this article, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of an unit trust. Unit Trusts are professionally managed funds. A Unit Trust invests a pool of money in a Read More

Semi Self Employment 070919

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I think my boss is pissed off that I did not join him in the joint venture company to continue to work for him after he paid me the commission. He tried to humiliate me for the past two days. He asked me to leave my laptop in the office and I cannot bring it Read More

Semi Self Employment 030919

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This article marks the closing chapter of my semi self-employment journey as an offshore broker. End of August 2019, I received the payslip which state that my commission is SGD 18.75k (Initially I forecast this project to bring in at least SGD 30k because profit to firm is about SGD 120k as I have seen Read More


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I had a chat with a friend and he felt miserable as he was comparing himself with others. He accounted this comparison mindset to his childhood when his mother compared him to others. Similarly, I can relate to this, it seems to be an Asian culture for Asian mothers to compare their children to others. Read More

Campbell’s 30/08/19 Results

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Campbell’s has almost complete its divestitures, it has an improved balance sheet with a more focused business. The net proceeds from divestitures of $3 billion will significantly reduce its debt level. Campbell’s is focusing on one geographical location and left with two core business. Q4 2019 Results Combined Net Sales increased 2%, its Snacks strength Read More

July 2019 Expenses

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Meal – $570.44Medical – $940.45Education – $401.55Grocery – $380.06Household – $39.00Clothes – $ 296.10Dinning – $169.15Tax – $327.01Transport – $141.48Personal Care – $220.40Entertainment – $116.86Telecommunication – $810.64Child Expenses – $549.70Utilities – $296.50Maid – $152.00Parents Allowance – $800.00Insurance – $746.07Healthcare – NILShopping – NILTravel – NILLuxury – NIL This month total is S$6597.41 with two one-off Read More

Tax Reduction using CPF

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In this article, I am trying to solve 2 issues. Firstly, I want to reduce the taxable income for my wife and the second issue is to boost my mother’s Central Provident Fund (CPF). Firstly, for my wife, I will recommend for her to use cash to top up her Special Account to build up Read More

Investment Link Policy

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I remember after graduation, I supported my university friend who joined Prudential to buy my first policy. I believe (in the best of people) that at that time he does not have sufficient financial knowledge to understand the potential pitfalls in some of the policies and that’s the reason why he sold me those policies, Read More

Money at 35 years old

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Once we reach 35 years old, we will have accumulated more than a decade of working experience. We will be wearing multiple hats, trying to juggle between our married life, children, paying mortgage and taking care of ageing parents. Let us look at what we should do with our money at 35 years old. Accumulate Read More

Retirement Money Draw Down

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Retirees will face different types of risk during retirement when they are drawing down their retirement fund. 1. Longevity Risk – Risk of running out of money 2. Inflation Risk – Risk of decreasing purchasing power3. Market Risk – Risk of no access to money during market downturn4. Withdrawal Risk – Risk of overspending With Read More