Inner Game of Financial Adviser

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A month has passed since I started this business, it has been a steep learning curve and I will not say that it is a smooth sailing journey. I am counting my blessing along the way, I have successfully sold insurance products to a few warm and cold leads in the first month. It is Read More

Financial Gym 28 Sep 19

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I attended the Financial Gym hosted by Cashflow Mastery Program on the 28th September 2019. This article came in late as I was busy last week, I attended New Advisers Training at my present Independent Financial Advisory firm. Why is this program called Financial Gym? It is a monthly mastermind group gathering where graduates from Read More

Comparison of Network Marketing Companies’ Financial Results

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Network Marketing companies are different from traditional business because they bypass the intermediate companies for distribution and marketing and sell the goods or products directly to consumers. Through referral or word of mouth, the consumers will sell to others and make a commission out of this. The consumers can recruit others to form a network Read More

Comprehensive Insurance Coverage

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Insurance is an important component of wealth management. It involves using a small sum of money to pass your risk to the insurance companies. However, a lot people tend to emphasize on investment and savings, ignoring the importance of insurance. If there is insufficient insurance coverage, an unfortunate event can wipe out your net worth, Read More

Why I choose Financial Advisory Business

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Start of Financial Advisory Business This article is not meant for self promotion. I just want to share this article so that maybe years later when I look back I will understand why I am in the financial planning industry. I cannot share what was discussed during the meeting. This is the first meeting which Read More

CareShield Life

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In the previous article (read here), we have mentioned about ElderShield which are provided for 40 years old and above to protect them from severe disability. Those who does not wish to be covered, can choose to opt out. From 2020, our government will introduce CareShield Life which will replace the ElderShield plan. What if Read More


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Eldershield is a severe disability insurance that provides basic long term care and basic financial protection. It provides payout up to maximum 72 months. CPF members with Medisave account will automatically be enrolled under the Eldershield program at the age 40. There is no requirement for medical assessment. They are mainly three private insurers appointed Read More

Activity Based Selling

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I started my business on the 11th September 2019. The first day is about sorting out the administrative stuff such as USER ID and log in password for various insurance companies. This morning I started the training for new financial advisers, we need to start an activity based selling process called SalesBuilder. In this article, Read More

Invest in Unit Trust

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There are a few investment options such as stocks, real estate investment trust (REITs), exchange traded funds (ETFs) and unit trusts. In this article, we will take a closer look at the pros and cons of an unit trust. Unit Trusts are professionally managed funds. A Unit Trust invests a pool of money in a Read More

Semi Self Employment 070919

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I think my boss is pissed off that I did not join him in the joint venture company to continue to work for him after he paid me the commission. He tried to humiliate me for the past two days. He asked me to leave my laptop in the office and I cannot bring it Read More