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It is coming close to end of November and we will move into a new decade. How many more decades do we have? Looking out from my window this evening, I decided to take stock of my life.

I was the salaryman who was promised that after study hard, go to a good university, get a great job and my life would be settled. I started work in 2007, I avoided the 2008 global financial crisis as the upstream oil and gas industry was booming. I worked for many organisations throughout the 12 years and for the last 3 years, I experienced 1 retrenchment every single year.

I know I am not meant for the corporate but it helped shaped my beliefs and self-confidence. I wanted to chart my own destiny and run my own show. However, it has not been a bed of roses. I had not fulfilled my dream to be my own boss, I had just created a “job” to replace my old one. I believe for all business at the start is always hard work, building from scratch always is, I will persevere and slowly make a success of my business.

Most of my friends work for both large and small organizations. In that situation, we sacrifice our personal freedom to receive work life balance, security and stability. Employment is a new concept in human history. Our forefathers began hunting and gathering, they belonged to the self-employed. There was no stability that the fruits were there, saber-tooth tigers and dinosaurs were everywhere to threaten their survivor. They had to do it anyway and it was exciting just to survive.

If there is a lesson which I have learnt from my decision to be self-employed is you need to pursue what you are passionate about. Your profession should be derived from what you are truly passionate with. The first step towards entrepreneurship is define your passion.

Passion means suffering for the sake of something we love. If passion is doing what makes you happy, you will quit when things get tough. You need to care deeply enough to endure the suffering in order to pursue it. I discovered my real passion was helping people to become financially better off, it will even be better if I can help create millionaires and they can in turn help others through charity, making this world a better place when they leave it. My business is to help them enjoy the experience and walk this financial journey with them towards their destination, achieving their financial objectives. I would gladly suffer the pain to provide exemplary services. The wages of self-employment are not dollars and cents (selling term plan cannot put dinner on table, do you know why your financial adviser never introduce you term plan?) but freedom and purpose.

What is your love that you are willing to do even if it hurts. Find it. It is your foundation of your life’s work. This is your calling. It is your WHY. It will provide you with the strength when you cannot keep your chin up. When you work for someone, you assume you are secure. You are not. You can be fired immediately, ask to pack and leave due to someone’s bad decision or yours. When you work for someone, you assume you are in control of your life. You are not. You are at the mercy of someone you think you know but probably not. There is no greater failure than missing what you were made to do. There is a parable of the three servants, the master gave them a bag of silver and ask them in 10 days time what they have done with the silver. The last servant buried it below the tree and did nothing. Don’t be like the last servant, bury all your talents and did nothing. You are meant to use what God has given to you to amplify his blessing and bless this world with your talent, your skill and your love.

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