Portfolio Rebalancing

After a week of business trip in Taiwan, I finally have time to think and reflect while waiting for the dentist. Yesterday I met up with an old friend and there was a moment which I risk losing my integrity. Thank god, I honour my words to get him the PlayStation 4 as agreed. I have a problem with focusing and tend to chase after shiny objects. We had this agreement that I will continue to run affiliate marketing campaigns till May 2017, if not I will get him a PS4.
I did continue to run campaigns till February 2017. Then we switched to Shopify, we achieved 62 sales but I cannot keep up with the team due to this new work commitment. The guys decided to pause the e-commerce store and move on to continue their affiliate marketing business. They wanted full commitment to continue as we wanted to switch to a niche store. See below picture which was accomplished by one of my business partners/friends, he has achieved some results because he consistently takes more actions every single day.
JCProjectFreedom Richard AM accomplishment
I think I lack the grit and perseverance. I bought this book called “grit and perseverance”. Let me see how can I improve on this aspect. It is my shortcoming.
Coming back to the portfolio, I was thinking of my present setup. This year composition is mainly a dividend play setup, 70% in dividend stocks and 30% in growth stocks. I am being too passive. On hindsight, if I have sold my shares on this particular counter and move them into another two counters with higher ROE, the return will have increased by 30% instead of waiting for a 5% dividend yield. Another finger pointing is because of work, I have no time to look into my stocks. All these are excuses and blame game.
I need to reconstruct my portfolio, taking a balanced approach for assets allocation. 
I will move into 40% on dividend stocks, 50% on growth stocks and 10% using options.

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