Power Assets 2017 Half Year Results

Power Assets Group’s unaudited profits for the six months ended 30th June 2017 amounted to HKD 4,024 million which is 16% higher compared to 2016 HK 3,476 million.
The company has announced an interim dividend of HKD 0.77 per share which is higher by 10% than compared to 2016 HKD 0.7 per share. In addition, there is a one-off special interim dividend of HKD 7.50 per share in order to address shareholders’ expectations while balancing Group’s financial capacity for future acquisitions.  

Let us pause for a while and address this great news for JC Fund.
JCProjectFreedom Power Assets

Total Dividend Income = 30,000 shares x HKD (7.50 + 0.77)/share = HKD 248,100/=
which is equivalent to approximately SGD 43,000. 

This will be paid by 29th August 2017.

I know this special dividend will serve a higher purpose by boosting 6.2 billion for CKI to acquire another company. 

In the report, it was said that DUET was well aligned with the Group’s strategy with energy generation, transmission as well as distribution. It is said that DUET will build, own and operate new unregulated gas pipelines. I need to investigate this further and forecast how this will affect the growth of the business.

Enough for the good news, now bring up the bad news, I may experience 2nd retrenchment in 2017. I cannot reveal too much but the company may not require my service anymore. It is time to move on. This is a major disruption to our quest. I need to believe in God’s plan for me and I must believe that he knows what I want in life. He will open up the path for me to bring me back to my desired path. I felt disappointed when I hear the news that we did not win the project but I know we have done our best.

Time to gather myself and plan ahead.

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