Recharge During Time Off

JC Project Freedom Recharge During Time Off

As the year is coming to an end and we are preparing for 2020, we need to allocate dedicated time to rest, reflect and prepare for more challenges. We need to prioritize self care, decide time for sleep, work, exercise, meet friends and other tasks to work on. We need to measure our progress, reflect on past year’s experiences, what went well and what could have done better. Thereafter, we need to plan time to create short term and long term goals for the next year.

What is your holiday mode?

After putting aside all their work, they switch off everything and completely shutdown. Their only goal for holiday is to sink in at the sofa and watch full seasons of TV shows. After the holiday is over, they feel frustrated and unprepared. Coach potato holiday is unsatisfying because it needs social interaction and physical activity.

There is another type who will continue to keep working through the holiday. Although it is time off, they will work during holiday meals. We all need regular breaks in our calendar in order to avoid burnout. We need to avoid working during our holidays to reduce long term stress.

Another extreme will rush from holiday to another holiday, they do not find time to stop, rest and have alone time. When they finally find time for themselves, they are too exhausted.

We need to have sustainable goals for holiday, decide how long you need to sleep, how much exercise, what amount of work to follow up on. If you are busy, there is a chance you have not reflect enough for this year, without processing this year will be like mailbox overload. You need to clear your mental inbox in order to allow new experiences to be downloaded. Lastly, come out with an execution plan and having sufficient time to plan year 2020 in advance.

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