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14th February 2016

Recently, I signed up with Udemy and subscribed to Prof Chris Haroun’s  An Entire MBA in 1 Course. He kept emphasizing that you need to have passion with what you are doing, life is too short to be doing something which you do not enjoy. Personally, I feel that if you are suffering from Sunday evening blues, it is time to call it a day.

Today’s Straits Times has a few interesting articles which spurs me to write this blog post.
Anna Vanessa Haotanto was mentioned to have amassed a portfolio of 1.5 million, achieved her financial independence at age 28 through her proficiency in managing assets in equities and properties. Currently, she is focusing her career on entrepreneur path to bring financial literacy to empower people. This is aligned with our vision as well. Peter achieved his financial independence at an age 29 through equities. I have embarked on this journey towards financial freedom. I hope to achieve my goal at an age of 40.

In another article, it is about lawyers who are taking flight mid career and find success in other industries. Despite the fatty pay check, many lawyers change their career path due to long working hours and lack of ownership over their work. There are examples such as Ms Tay who is a lawyer turn entrepreneur who run the now-defunct nightclub Butter Factory, Mr Esmond Yue who used to get $10,000 per month started sushi restaurant Chikuwa Tei on the side for more than 1 1/2 years before running it on a full time basis, Kendra Liew 28 started an organic skincare business after working for more than 2 1/2 years of average 15 hour days, Ms Rebecca Chiu 29 started Soi 55 on sideline while juggling with her former lawyer job.

This is very inspiring. If lawyers who are working long hours can start their business on a sideline, this leaves me with no excuse. If lawyers can leave their high paying jobs for their dream career, this leaves me with no excuse. Recently, my friend who was in his early 40s passed away due to heart attack, leaving behind his family. Last year, my friend who is one year older  than me passed away due to a fatal accident. I feel that life is fragile and our time on this world is limited. If God request me to return to his heavenly kingdom tomorrow and ask me whether I have fully utilised my talent, I may not have the answer. I need to take massive actions, speed to market and execute my plans. I do not want to live life with regrets.

28th February 2016

I just came back from my business trip to Perth to attend the Australian Oil and Gas Convention. How do you know whether the oil and gas industry is adversely affected by the recent drop in oil price? I met two taxi drivers who used to work in the oil and gas industry. They were made redundant during the latest oil turmoil and lack of projects in Australia. One of them has been out of job for more than six months and by driving a taxi helps to pay his bills. It is an enlightening experience for me as I foresee this will happen to Singapore with just a matter of time. I just need to strap tightly and get myself ready.

5th June 2016

Another month passes by and the situation is getting more challenging as we see more subcontractors gone belly up, filing for Chapter 11. I need to take massive actions. Early May, I told myself that I need to seek an alternative path as my original plan may be derailed anytime if they give me the white envelope and escort me out of the building. I started my affiliate marketing business on 1st May 2016. The more I explore, the more I am intrigued by it. I started reading Scott Fox’s Click Millionaires, Laptop Millionaire and Millionaire Fastlane. It is possible to create a lifestyle business because of the evolution of Internet. I have a personal good friend who has achieved this. Seeing is believing. This does not change my plan on my investment journey, it will only complement what I want to achieve.

15th April 2017

I was approached by Mr. E to join his company which is into Offshore Renewable Energy Industry. I was told at the start it is going to be a contract role to bid for EPIC work for offshore installation work for Foundations and Cables. I am familiar with offshore cables but not competent with Foundation especially monopiles. 
I have put a stop to affiliate marketing and e-commerce store to fully concentrate on investment. I want to focus on just one and make it a solid income stream before I can do others. There are a lot of possibilities in the realms of investment.

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