Road Ahead

For the last few weeks since I was retrenched on 26th November, I was busy spending time in the library studying the various CMFAS papers M8A, M9, M9A and HI. I passed M9 and HI insurances today in one shot!

I saw two familiar faces in the library. I met them when I was jobless from January till early April this year. Both are in their early 40s, one of them is studying CFA full time and the other used to travel very often as I saw his bag has a gold Krisflyer card, he is trading full time in the library, looking at charts and stock prices. This month, I have met quite a number of new faces (late 30 to 40 plus years old), a duo is running a startup, doing programming in the library. Some are frantically sending out CVs. Some are looking at jobs portal, Linkedin and killing time on Social Media.

I have not started my job search as I wanted to be self employed or something that I enjoy doing. This is the key reason why I am looking at Financial Planning as it is a Self Employment route. I was toying with idea of teaching Economics, Maths and Physics tuition as I taught tuition when I was 18 to 27 years old.

I was offered a role as Offshore Shipbroker from my ex-boss who got me into the company and told me he tendered his resignation two weeks later after I started work. He started his own ship broker firm and managed to make USD 100+k within 3 months and seal multiple long term contracts. He is a very strong deal maker. The package is S$2,500 per month. All telecommunication, business expenses and traveling cost will be borne by the company. There will be a 50% commission on business revenue. I think this is a wonderful deal, the only down side is I have no equity in the business. I will give this my best shot as it utilizes my experience and expertise. However, I dislike the entertainment part and needs to work around it.

The market has been very volatile recently due to trade war and Powell just announced the 4th hikes and 2 more in 2019. Oil is taking a hit as well, reaching almost $40 compared to the peak of $75 in October. I try not to look at the stock prices that often as I do not have control over the prices. I can control my emotions, my research and savings. I am confident that 4 years later, JC Fund will be stronger than where we are now. I am confident that our financial freedom goal will be achieved when I am 40 years old.

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