Semi Self-employment 19th January update

There is no perfect choice. The biggest failure you can have in life is not trying. This is when I take the route to try.

JC Project Freedom Semi Self Employment

This week is a very hectic week, my wife had traveled to Bengaluru, India since Sunday. I need to take care of the child while juggling with challenges from work. As seen from the picture above, I spent three days since Tuesday for vessels inspection and audit together with an inspector from Shell. Then on Thursday after the inspection, I need to head to town for a meeting with project team. Being busy makes it fulfilling but my present boss reminded me that it is not effective. He told me to practice the 20/80, always self check whether the time is spent effectively to generate more future revenue. I am not paid as a project engineer, I am paid only when I secure a charter or a business deal. I need to remember this and not spend too much time on non-revenue generating activities.

Next, he shared with me on how he looks at the overall business, how he devised and execute strategies before presenting a solution to the client. This is business development to its finest. He is one of the best B2B sales persons I have met. From August 2018 till December 2018, he had made US$100k, this year his sales forecast is US$600k. I am confident that he will achieve this, whereas for me everything is doubtful. I need to think how to grow my own revenue. My boss will not constantly dish out jobs to keep me alive, if after a while I cannot get business, I will drop out of the game.

There is always a possibility that he can drop me if I become a liability and not a revenue generating asset. The scene of “today is your last day, I do not want to work with you anymore” makes me weary and always on my toes.

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