Semi Self-Employment

7 months ago JCprojectfreedom 0

I started my role as a ship broker on 2nd January 2019. There is a base salary of SGD 2,500/month. Less CPF, I will be drawing SGD 1997/month. This is my first pay when I was 25 years old in 2007. The base salary is just for survival and I will rely mainly on commission to support the family. This is why I coined it as semi self-employment.

The attitude towards work has changed as I am constantly asking myself what can I do better? Every moment, I ask myself how can I be productive? It is a positive type of stress as I am driven to do more so that I can secure new deals. I will not hesitate to pick up the phone and make multiple phone calls to reach out to people.

Yesterday, I met up with an industry friend and he told me his story of last employment. He worked with the company for 13 years and was dismissed unfairly. He went for arbitration and now putting into a law case to sue his former employer. I think loyalty to your employer does not seem to matter much in this era. It is about been productive, continuous learning and able to contribute to the company you work for while you are employed.

There is a lot discussion on fungibility and being mobile. I spoke to another industry friend who is 41 years old with two children (in primary 1 and primary 2). He recommended that I should look for a job in Kuala Lumpur as most of the vessel owners have moved and set up shops there. Furthermore, he thinks that my child is still young and able to do that. I can find work in Kuala Lumpur but it will be difficult for my wife to get a suitable role there.

As I just started work and did not have time to do something to my portfolio. I planned for the following:

  • Have no new possession in 2019
  • Go deep and read all the books I have
  • Create new system for my investment